mercoledì, luglio 04, 2007

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Florida’s Didrick Medical Inc. has engineered the world’s first active-function artificial finger, the X-Finger®. Designed for partial finger amputees and to be a self-contained device, the silicon sheath device allows the user to regain “complete control of the flexion and extension movements” of the artificial finger in a realistic manner.

Feature and benefits:

- Body-Powered
The device is body powered, there is no need for external power supplies.

- Easy To Use
The replaced phalanges articulate in a natural pattern when the residual finger moves. This allows users to immediately utilize the device successfully without having to learn to use the device.

- Realistic Articulation
The components of the X-Finger have been designed to not only look realistic during articulation, but to also bend a silicone finger sheath in a realistic manner as well.

- Low Profile Design
The device has been designed to offer strength in the lowest profile design possible.

- Light Weight
While each X-Finger’s size is slightly different, an average adults index finger will weigh less than 10 grams for the entire assembly, excluding a silicone sheath.

- Independent Control of Each Finger
The X-Finger® will allow the user to regain complete control of the articulation of the device simply by moving their residual finger. Benefits will include typing; playing a musical instrument or anything that requires the full dexterity of a hand.

Each X-Finger is custom made to fit the amputee and is comparably prices to a non-functional equivalent. Very impressive indeed and thumbs up to these guys who will create a better life for the many amputees out there in the world.

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